We cannot refute the fact that one of the primary concerns in our daily lives is how we eat. By these it means the food and the drinks we intake and consumed every meal on a day or our daily diet. As the saying goes, “ what you are is what you eat”, there’s no denying that all the food you consumed on a daily basis reflects your physical and mental condition. There’s two sides of a coin, as well as the diet of a person. You may chose to eat healthy or resort to unhealthy diet which has its own effects in your whole being. Healthy diet is so important that many people nowadays are engaged to different kinds and ways of diet plans which involves one person following a specific healthy course or meal in a day with its corresponding nutrient level intake as well.

A healthy diet involves a broad scheme of healthy foods that must be consumed by a person to be healthy. Although people have different reasons of having a healthy diet, whether it be to achieve a fit body, prevention of diseases, the bottomline will always be to become healthy not just physically but also mentally. In our daily lives, we use energy from waking up until the last step we take to go to bed. We obtain this energy by what we eat everyday. That is why breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it serves as the energy starter.

Discussions and awareness is vital in following a healthy diet. You need to have a balance intake of nutrient level of the foods you eat. Eating fruits and vegetables is one of the main ingredient to a healthy diet plan. Some of the important nutrients in a food are Fiber, Fat, Folate, Calcium, Vitamins, Antioxidant, Calorie.  Foods that are high in fiber can decrease the risk of having heart disease and colon cancer, it can also prevent the development of diabetes. Eating foods that are high in healthy fat may also decrease the risk of having coronary heart disease. Red meat is also important for it lowers the chance of having cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Another one is Folate which is a type of vitamin B that is vital for the production of red blood cells. Consuming foods that are high in Calcium and Vitamin D  is important especially in women to reduce the risk of having osteoporosis and bone damage. Calorie is also important, but there are some certain factors you need to consider like your weight, age, gender, for too much calorie intake leads to obesity, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.

We need to consider that there are so many ways for you to be healthy both physically and mentally. Healthy lifestyle does not end in healthy diet, but one must also need to be physically fit best by exercise. Healthy diet is one of the key of having a healthy lifestyle, which we all long for. This process must involve discipline and commitment for you to come up with the desired result. Following the rules and taking it religiously is also vital for a person who wishes to stay healthy. It is also best to contact your health provider for the best possible solution and results especially when you have medical problems.